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No foreign media allowed

Israel denies foreign media access to Gaza

by Michael Smith

Gaza/Israel: The Israeli authorities refuse to allow access to Gaza by foreign, even “friendly” western, media and it is a definite no. No media person allowed in. Why, one can but ask.

The answer to the “why” is, in my opinion, rather simple, and I think everyone with just an ounce of brain will come to same conclusion.

Israel, who employs the selfsame tactic, only a modern version of it, that the Nazis used against partisans and the general population of occupied Europe does not want the world to see, through the eyes of foreign media, especially media that would have credibility amongst the people worldwide.

What is it that they, who claim to just be fighting against terrorists that threaten its nation's – which is an illegal entity, regardless of what the UN may say – security?

The answer here is about as clear as crystal as well, namely that the Israeli security forces use violence targeted at civilians and are using the same evil tactics of collective punishment which the Nazis used in the occupies territories.

The hollow excuse by South African origin Jews that are spokespeople for the Israeli government and the IDF that it is all Hamas' fault for using housing projects to store weapons and their HQs is the same that the German Nazi war machines used as an excuse when they eliminated entire villages and towns and their inhabitants without mercy.

The Zionist entity calling itself the State of Israel is using the same tactics as did the Hitler Fascists and are no better whatsoever than were the Nazis, whatever the Zionists may claim and its western sympathizers, such as the United States and the Bush regime.

The fact that they are afraid of foreign media seeing what they are doing in Gaza is, in my opinion, proof enough that the Israeli forces are targeting the population on purpose and it is also obvious, I think, what the real aim is; namely to wipe out the Palestinian government of Hamas. What we must remember is that the Hamas was elected to government fairly though it did not suit the ones that had always called for democratic elections. It is irrelevant as to whether or not the West may have declared Hamas a terrorist organization. It was allowed to stand for election and it won. Election monitors have said that this election was fairer than could be said for even some in old established democracies. But it is always the same when the results do not suit the powers that be, and the EU is a great example for that as well, but I am digressing.

I would also not put it past the powers that be in Israel and those that back it aim for more than just the removal of Hamas in Gaza and I leave it to any reader to make his or her conclusion as to what the aim may be.

If Israel's intention would really be to defend itself again missile attacks there are certainly means, I am sure. There are defensive systems that, I am sure, can shoot those missiles down rather harmlessly before they ever get to inhabited areas of Israel.

No, there is more here at play than meets the eye and I suggest that people do not get sidetracked by the rhetorics of politicians.

Jews and Arabs, including Christian Arabs – Palestinians – lived together peacefully in Palestine and worked side by side – and the book by Fr Elias Chacour “Blood Bothers” is best proof for that – until the arrival of the Zionists and especially after the Holocaust with the Jewish Agency and the special operations bringing in those survivors, most of who were Zionists – well chosen, methinks. Fr Chacour is a Meronite priest and was as a child and youngster on the receiving end of Zionist terror simply for being a Palestinian, regardless of the fact that his family were Christians.

There was no (real) friction in Palestine before the arrival of the hard-core Zionists. Only afterwards did things begin to be problematic.

What, you cannot find that in your history books and other books and in the papers? Well, think who most publishers are? I rest my case.

© M Smith (Veshengro), January 2009

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