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A better mousetrap

Having mice move in with you is one of the worst things that can happen to spoil domestic tranquility.

You could put out traps,but then you have to empty them and reset before putting them back.

Sticky traps work quite well,but again,you have to handle them to dispose of them in the trash.

Cats do not always do a good job. Just how many mice can a cat eat? Besides,there's the litter box problem. No thank you.

Poisons are dangerous. Especially if you have little ones around. So,what's a person to do?

Well,take one Alka Seltzer tablet and grind it up as fine as you can. Mix it with an equal amount of whole wheat flour and put it in a container [a jar top works well]. Place where there seems to be a lot of mouse activity. Place another jar lid with water along it.

What happens is the mice eat flour-AK mixture, drink water,and die from bloat. You see,a mouse cannot belch.

They go to the nest and die,our if they die in sight, just sweep them up and dispose in the trash.

You don't have to worry the dangers of poison or touch the rodent itself.

© O W C NEWMAN, March 2008

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