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Do you need a water filter

I have always tried to look ahead and prepare for whatever situation may occur. That's why I bought a water filter to begin with.

You know, in case the balloon popped and the only water available would be from streams or ponds.

Last summer the well pump had to be replaced. Since then there has been black particles in the water. I suppose the new pump being more powerful was sucking up rust or dirt so I got out the water filter and put it together.

It's similar to a Berkefeld in that it uses carbon/ceramic cartridges to filter the water. A Berkie is probably the best,and also probably the most expensive. I got what I could afford.

Within the first week, three of the four filters broke at the base and had to be repaired. When I wrote to the company I got no support. Make sure that when you buy a filter that they are willing and have a good support in place.

Other then that, my filter is made of stainless steel and is quality.

After using it for awhile I noticed that the water in the top container was anything but clean looking. The rust and crud were amazing! I never would have believed that water from a private well could be so full of contaminates.

The only thing the filter does not remove is the calcium, which our water has a lot of. But hey! You don't have to take any calcium supplements.

After almost a year of use, I won't drink any water that has not gone through the filter. Nor will I use water from the tap for cooking. Washing dishes and such is O.K. Tho.

So, do you need a filter? I didn't think I did before this experience. Maybe you should take a hard look at your situation to determine whether you should use one or not.

O.W. Newman

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Misty said...

My family uses a water filter and we love it! I don't think we could go back to drinking water straight from the tap, the smell and taste is pretty bad. I did a bit of research online to find the best solution for us, here's a site that compares some of the better brands.