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Homemade Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Do you want to use a fruit and vegetable wash, but are scared off by the price? Here is how to make your own at a fraction of the price:

All you need are white vinegar, water and a spray bottle

When it comes to using it use the following procedure:

In case of hard-skinned fruits and vegetables:

1./ Fill a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water.
2./ Then, spray the solution onto your fruits and vegetables; rub it in; and rinse.
Hint: Use a scrub brush to work the solution into the skin

For soft-skinned fruits and vegetables:

1./ Fill a bowl with equal parts white vinegar and water.
2./ Then, soak your fruits and vegetables in the solution for a minute or two, and rinse.

The reason this works is as follows: The acetic acid in vinegar kills bacteria and helps to dissolve the wax and pesticide residues found on the skins of many fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of making your own fruit and vegetable wash are that it is cheaper than store-bought washes, cleans more effectively than water alone and is all-natural.

As with all cleaning materials store your fruit and vegetable wash out of the reach of children and ALWAYS label the contents of your spray bottles. Too many accidents happen because a bottle is not labelled and contains some poisonous substance or such.

M Smith (Veshengro), June 2008

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