Incorporating the Simple Living Review, the Preparedness & Self-Reliance Review, as well as the Outdoor & Survival Review


by Lawrence Marsh

I would like to share with you all some of the thoughts and beliefs that have helped me move toward an even more simple and peaceful lifestyle. I have never been more happy in my life = thanks to these ideas…

1./ A wise man or woman will own as few things as possible. The goodness in people is tarnished by material possessions.

2./ Everything you own, owns you. What you chain to you, you are also chained to it. (This applies to animals, too.)

3./ How quickly we become the servants of our tools (machines).

4./ So many exhaust themselves in their own service – rushing to self-appointed tasks, most of which need not be undertaken in the first place.

5./ Spending is a form of mental illness. It is to be avoided whenever possible.

6./ Love your enemies, for they are your teachers.

7./ A radish does not care what time you get up, animals you own most certainly do.

8./ Everywhere a blade of grass will grow, something else will grow that you can eat or sell.

I still cannot understand the refrigerator debate. I can’t put root crops in it, not tomatoes, nor fresh fruit, nor grain. I buy fresh vegetables, don’t eat meat, and am too old to drink milk. My sister-in-law in Latin America has a refrigerator to show off to the neighbors. When she was gone one day, I looked inside – there was nothing in there but one bottle of Coke. (She’s from the “third world” – she likes fresh food!).

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