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How much power the security services

by Michael Smith

I am writing this not just with reference to the recent events in the UK but they have given the impetus to this, that is sure.

The question is how much power do the security services of your country have over you. What has recently happened in the UK with regards to a Member of Parliament should not have happened in our supposed free and democratic country and it shows that either the security services have take this power unto themselves or it has been given to them. Either way, it is dangerous and we are headed the same direction, in this case, as the like of the former Rhodesia under the “Mad **** up North” (please replace **** with the term you may see fit), as the Afrikaners say.

What seems to have happened, in all honesty, is that the government of the UK is using the services to snoop on the opposition and also, not to be forgotten, everyone else who may not agree with them, from parties, over journalists, to activist groups and clubs, as well as and especially Bloggers of all colors and persuasions.

Welcome to freedom and democracy a la UK and European Union.

Are you any better in the United States or in Australia? Methinks, not, esp. not Australia where it has come to light that private security agencies, on behest of the govt are snooping on the online activities of all the country's citizens.

The opposition Tory Party in the UK has its offices in the Houses of Parliament and its general offices routinely swept for bugging devices (and some appear to have been found). Apparently the security services have now taken to watching the Tories even. Seems that the Conservative Party is now seen as subversive. Wow! I wonder who else has to watch their backs from now on as to the long tentacles of the Kraken that is the government and the security services.

Who runs the services and who gave them the orders to bug and to go after more or less legitimate activities of MPs, such as making use of leaked documents the exposure of which is in the public interest.

Does anyone really, for one minute, believe that the Security Service (MI5), and Special Branch act entirely on their own in those matters. This has to be authorized at a very senior level, higher than the Commissioner even. So, where does the buck stop in this case or where would the authorization have been issued? Think!

© M Smith (Veshengro), November 2008

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