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Is Pakistan the next country on the attack list?

by Michael Smith

First the outgoing US President Bush made a statement in the middle of December 2008 as to Pakistan and support, whether official government or not, for Islamist terrorists and the talk began that the United States and its security community is intending to put Pakistan on the list of countries that support terrorism. Now on December 14, 2008 the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated that 3 out of 4 terrorist plots against the UK were hatched, so to speak, in Pakistan, while being on a visit to that country.

It does appear to me that those two are now preparing the world for an attack on Pakistan by claiming that it is a supporter of Islamist terrorism, e.g. Al-Qaeda.

Assuming that the attack on Mumbai may have been a false flag operation then it is quite obvious what is going on and that Pakistan is being put on the list of countries to be targeted for attack.

The two countries, that is to say the regimes of both the United States and the United Kingdom, have told Pakistan to act against terrorists and terrorist sponsoring organizations in that country and Gordon Brown had requested for British police and security services to be given access to any of the suspects for the Mumbai attacks that have been arrested in Pakistan. The Pakistani government, however, rejected this request or shall we call it a more or less demand.

The Pakistani Prime Minister basically told the British that any suspects will be questioned only by the Pakistani security services and will, if found to have charges to answer, be tried in Pakistan under Pakistani law. A rebuff to the British and American involvement and interference for sure.

This could more likely now lead to the two regimes that have an agenda in the area of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq to further actions, one can nigh on be sure about, against Pakistan. Let's hope not but things do not look promising right now and we might suddenly find that we, or better us in those two countries due to our respective governments, are involved in yet another foreign adventure which they like to claim a conflict instead of war and give us even more “friends”.

With actions like those against those Al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban we certainly have not made ourselves friends around the world and the longer we continue the way we, as countries, are going along we are not getting anywhere. We are making things worse, in fact.

The UK and the United States, by their very actions, have made all their citizens at home and abroad targets of any kind of misguided terrorist and those that think they are holy warriors. The more or less permanent support for everything that the Zionists did in Israel basically was the very beginning to this all. In the eyes of the United States, and to a degree this also seems to hold true as regards to Britain, Israel, the Zionist state, can do no wrong, apparently, and can, with virtual impunity perpetrate acts against the Palestinians that, if perpetrated against another people by another state would immediately, and rightly so, reap condemnation of the highest degree upon the perpetrator. Why not, though, in the case of Zionist Israel?

Even if the Zionist state murders British citizens who are aid workers in Palestine the government in the UK remains rather quiet and it needs the relatives of those murdered to push and shove before things, finally, get done and even then there is a total whitewash permitted.

And American vessel gets attacked by the Zionists and still nothings is said and done really and while I know that that is an old hat, really, as to that ship how come that the US just let it pass off. Had it not been Israel all hell would have broken lose.

But, sorry, I digressed.

It would appear as, presently, yet another target on the axis from Baghdad to the Indus River is being lined us, and this time Pakistan. What is it about that region that the West is so obsessed with?


© M Smith (Veshengro), December 2008

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