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Were the attacks on Mumbai of 11/26 a false flag operation?

by Michael Smith

Some sources have suggested that the terrorist attacks on the various targets in Mumbai, India, at the end of November 2008, were not perpetrated by Islamist terrorists from Pakistan (or wherever) but by Hindu extremists, probably in the pay of the Indian government.

A suggestion has been made that the boys were wearing the saffron yellow threads of Hindus and, as far as I have seen from some of the photos that were circulated, some indeed seem to have had those thread “bracelets” on their wrists.

A Muslim commentator mentioning that noted that no Muslim would ever wear such Hindu “regalia”, though I would like to question that, that is to say, I would like to suggest that, in order to pass as Hindus initially, that they might have been wearing them.

However, there are a few other things that make one ask as to whether this is another 9/11, in other words something that may be considered questionable and a possible false flag operation in order to have reason to attack another country or simply to put in force repressive measures against the population.

One of them the fact that local Muslin cemeteries refuse to bury the young terrorists, using the claim that because of what they have done they are not true Muslims. Cemeteries in other Islamic countries, I am sure, would line up for the honor to busy those martyrs.

Now the latest twist came in at the fist weekend in December in that one of the men the authorities have arrested; one of them who has bought the SIM cards for the cell phones, is in fact a undercover officer of the security forces.

The plot thickens, I would say, and the claims by some Pakistani Bloggers and even some Pakistani politicians begin to no longer look like the claims of cooks.

The question now is, like with 9/11, what has really happened and what is going on behind the smokescreen right now.

We have had the same strange things happen in the UK with 7/7, where there were very strange things happening at the same time, such as the “paper exercise” of the security services that was dealing with a terrorist attack, so I understand, at exactly the very same targets that the 7/7 bombers did attack. Coincidence? I don't know. I just would like make the old statement here that so many patriots use: I do not hate my country, I fear its government. And the other adage that is so true here as well: God defend me from my friends; from my enemies I can defend myself.

Let use keep vigilant and use discernment in all matters.

© M Smith (Veshengro), December 2008

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