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What part of “NO” does the European Union not understand?

by Michael Smith

Earlier in 2008 the people of the Republic of Ireland, of Eire, rejected in a referendum the amended European Union treaty, which often was referred to as and EU Constitution by a majority vote and, according to the rules the treaty is, therefore, supposed to be dead.

Oh no, says Brussels, we carry on regardless and ask Ireland to hold another referendum until the people say “yes”. The treaty is dead, long live the treaty, seems to be the approach here. The word “NO” seems top be difficult to understand to the bureaucrats, none of which are elected, that run the European Union.

Welcome to democracy a la European Union. Their view is just to hold referendums for so long until the people finally give them what they want or, as in the care of Britain, where the Labor regime simply does not permit a referendum as they know full well that the people would reject any idea of giving the EU still more power, especially for affairs such as defense, policing, and such like. The British people are not as stupid as the government makes them out to be even though there are a few sheeple too many.

Ireland has now, recently, in December 2008, stated that it will hold another referendum and is advising the people to vote yes so as to no lose various European Union subsidies and other monies. This makes it rather obvious that pressure has been brought to bear on Dublin and that the threat of withholding of funding has been mentioned.

The European Union definitely wants to have is own version of democracy: votes and referendums until they get the “right” result, the result that they want. And they have the audacity to talk about other countries.

The people , where they have given a say, have for the second time have rejected this EU Constitution by whatever name. Is that not answer enough to the people in Brussels? Obviously not. They have other ideas of democracy. They have their new version where the people have no say and it is the parliamentarians, the politicians, in the various countries decide.

It would appear that in the European Union the voice and the will of he people only counts if it happens to coincide with the wishes and desires of the minions.

How did we ever get into this mess? More important, however, is how do we get out of this mess?

© M Smith (Veshengro), December 2008

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